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Step 6 Policies

Please read through and signify your agreement to the ALC-Manila Policies below before submitting the form.

Administrative/Financial Policies
1. I recognize that my primary obligation to this agreement is to keep my ______-cycle contract.
2. I will meet the Academic Coordinator if I have special requirements for my course.
3. I will comply with all the policies, rules and regulations as noted.
4. I will meet the financial obligations as stipulated in the financial guidelines.
5. I will not leave the Center in the middle of the cycle, unless I ask permission from the Academic Coordinator.
6. I will be responsible in paying for my absences especially when the teacher is present.
7. I will inform my superior or formator of their scheduled meetings with the teachers, as part of my evaluation process.

Academic Policies
8. I will recognize the authority of the Director of the Language Center along with the Educational Team, Teachers, and Staff.
9. I agree and understand that I am expected to take seriously my academic requirements administered by my teachers such as seatworks, homeworks, recitations, and other classroom activities.
10. I will make use of English as my major language of communication in class and other communicative opportunities (with or without supervision), especially in my own community.
11. I will be in attendance and in active participation to the daily classes (morning and afternoon) and to other school activities.
12. I will give due notice in writing as regards my absences or tardiness in class or activities.

Behavioral Policies
13. I will observe decorum out of mutual respect and esteem of other peoples’ personal, cultural, and spiritual backgrounds.
14. I will exercise humility and prudence with my relationship with others.
15. I will observe proper channeling of my concerns, difficulties, and needs.
16. I will conform to the dress code policies and come to class or activities decent and respectable.
17. I will observe cleanliness inside the language center by taking care of its facilities and furniture therein.
18. I will be sensitive, yet true in words and actions with my peers, teachers, and other persons deserving of my respect.

Classroom Policies
19. I will put my mobile phone on silent mode during the class.
20. I will make necessary arrangements and communicate to the teacher the reason of my absence.
Note: Plagiarism is an act in which the offender uses the same words or concepts (directly copies and pastes, or uses the same ideas) from another person, website, etc., without proper citations.
22. I will not disrupt the class by allowing others to express themselves.

Please read and agree to the terms before submission.