ALC celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival

alcadmin - 6th Oct 2016

Recognizing the international nature of its student body, made up mainly of students coming from the Northeast Asian region (China and South Korea) and other Southeast Asian countries that are heavily influenced by Chinese traditions, Assumption Language College held a celebration of the Mid-Autumn on September 23 at Adveniat House on C. Salvador Street Varsity Hills Subdivision.

The students presented unique performances and short Powerpoint presentations about how the Mid-autumn Festival is celebrated in their respective countries.

The Chinese students presented a popular dance number.

The Vietnamese students did a song and dance number featuring a traditional dance performed especially during this time of the year. After which, they floated lighted lanterns on the swimming pool of the house like how they would have done it if they had been home. The Korean group presented a song number.


“I felt like crying when I saw the lanterns floating on the pool,” said Pamela, a Vietnamese student. “I miss home, but I am very happy that ALC gives us this opportunity to celebrate the Mid-autumn Festival even though we are very far from home,” she added.


After the program, a sky lantern was attempted to be flown; however, because of a technical problem–it was too heavy–it failed to go up high above in the sky. “We shall help Teacher John make the lantern next year,” said Gioan, an 11-year-old Vietnamese student who is the youngest in this batch.


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