ALC Goes Back to Mt. Purro Nature Reserve

alcadmin - 20th Nov 2018

ALC students and teachers went back to Mt. Purro Nature Reserve in Antipolo on November 16 for the 4th Cycle 2018 Educational Tour.

The theme for this Cycle’s tour was “Sensing the Sacred.” Students were called to reflect on nature using their five senses and appreciate the beauty and sacredness of nature.

After an hour and a half of travelling by jeepneys, the group arrived in the venue at 8:30. The first activity of the day was a mass celebrated by the school director, Fr. Bernard Holzer, aa.

Teacher Jay then led the group to a stretching exercise that prepared them for activities for the rest of the day that were heavily physical.

Afterwards, headed by a nature reserve guide, the group hiked to a nearby stream to breathe fresh air and to walk on the bed of the shallow stream.

The group then hiked back to the nature reserve to have their lunch together.

In the afternoon, the students were divided into four groups and were tasked to write a 10-line poem and recite the poem as a group.

The tour ended at 3:30 in the afternoon.

“This is a good time for us to know more our school mates and to improve our relationships,” said one Via class student.

“I learned a lot about team work. In some activities there, I needed to join my friends in group so we could reach our goals together,” said Khoa, a students doing an IELTS class.

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