ALC Students and Teachers waded in Laguna’s Lakes

alcadmin - 21st Mar 2017

Educ Tour 1 The students listening intently while their teachers are giving final instructions.

It was a cloudy morning when a busload of students and teachers left Galabert House for this cycle’s educational tour.

The destination was Laguna’s lakes.

The objectives were to complete a scrap book that will contain all mementos of their experience that will culminate in a written poem and an ecotourism advertisement and to have fun.

The theme for this tour was Ecotourism.

“It is rather difficult to have the two concepts, ecology and tourism, work harmoniously,” said Br. Santiago from Peru. “But we will try our best to accomplish what we have set to achieve and win the scrap book making contest,” he added with a smile in his face.

First stop was Sampaloc Lake. On the bank of the lake, the student answered questions a la Amazing Race and glue on the pages of their scrap books the answers to the four challenges.

Educ Tour 2 The Air Team brainstorming on the poem they will write.

The students then went to Malabanban forest reserve twenty minutes away to learn how to transplant seedlings and write a two-stanza poem about the experience. Here’s a poem from Water team that eventually bagged the top prize:


“Just a Day”

The sun cuts like a knife

Through the trees that give us life

Life that grows from the earth

That brings about out world’s birth.


Here the air is clear and clean

With the most beautiful plants I’ve ever seen

Plant a tree under the sun

Spend a day in Malabanban.


From Malabanban, the group traveled for another 20 minutes to Pandin Lake and had lunch on a floating raft.

Educ Tour 3 The students enjoying their lunch on a floating raft near the bank of Pandin Lake.

“This has been a long and tiring day. It is hard to keep up with the young students, but I cannot complain. It is fun, and it’s wonderful to escape Manila every once in a while,” said Sr. Baptista from Indonesia.


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