ALC Students Enjoy Watching Shorts

alcadmin - 4th Aug 2016

Short Film Viewing

As part of the school’s regular cycle activities, ALC students watched two short films in a cinema-like venue on August 3 in order for them to develop their viewing skills along with the four other macro skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking).

Students and teachers were treated to a 30-minute short film title “Disconnected” by F. C. Rabbath and “Scarlet’s Witch” which runs for 16 minutes by the same director.

Disconnected is a dystopian film about what would happen if we were to be disconnected from all mobile communications.

Scarlet’s Witch teaches the value of friendship and making a sacrifice.

The students were given by their respective teachers pre-viewing exercises to prepare them for this activity. After which, they all proceeded to the cinema room, but before going in they had to present their movie tickets.

Short Film Viewing 2

They all watched the films together in a darkened room complete with snack and drinks like in an actual cinema.

The students are all expected to present their outputs in various forms such as dramatic skits, songs, or alternate movie endings in front of every one or to write movie reviews, reactions, or stories based on the movies.

“This is a very enriching activity,” said Amy from Vietnam.

“I like how the teachers made the room feel like a real cinema. I hope we do this often,” said Fr. Steve from Haiti.

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