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alcadmin - 19th Oct 2018

Teacher Wena teaching how to use rhetorical questions to Via (beginner) students from Laos.

Cooperation, team-work, and interactivity are highly encouraged in an EFL classroom because students learn language skills faster when the instruction is inclusive and student-centered and inputs come not only from their teachers but also their peers.

Teacher Tricia teaching a group of Vita (advanced) students how to make an outline.

This is nothing different from how teachers improve their teaching skills. As part of ALC’s regular in-house training for teachers, the College conducts teaching demonstrations regularly to allow both senior and junior teachers to talk about the model class–its strengths and areas of improvement with the purpose of enhancing    the over-all instruction in all the classes at ALC.

Teacher Mabby showing a group of Veritas (intermediate) students how to take lecture notes. 

During the fourth cycle of this academic year,  junior members of the faculty are given language skills to teach and prepare a one-hour class to a group of students while other members of the teachings staff watch and observe the class demonstration. The teachers assigned to give a class demo are given the leeway to choose their text and organize their lessons in the manner they deem appropriate for the level they are teaching.

Teacher John teaching the skill of summarizing to Veritas (intermediate) students.

After which, the other teachers who serve as members of the ‘audience’ will evaluate the class according to how the teacher managed the class, the organization of the lessons, and the teacher’s transmittal of skill and content to the learners.

Teacher Claud teaching how to use hedging when writing an academic essay to a group of Esse (high advanced) students.

“It is hoped that regular training and rigorous evaluation will improve the quality of instruction at ALC that is grounded on knowledge of content, recently published research on language teaching, methods, and empathy,” says Teacher John, ALC’s academic director.

Teacher Mark looking very serious while introducing dominant impression when writing a descriptive essay.



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