Happy Year of the Dog!

alcadmin - 20th Feb 2018

Most students at ALC are from Asian countries, and in solidarity with them the College celebrated the Lunar New Year on February 15.

The next day, the College did not hold classes to let the students attend their own parties in their communities and congregations.

This College-wide activity, which is done annually, lets the students share how people in their country observe the Lunar New Year.

2018 Happy Lunar New Year

The Chinese students did a song and dance number and performed a role play that showed how the Chinese people share their good luck with their neighbors by gifting them with fruit preserves and giving away lucky envelopes.Lunar New Year - Chinese Students

The Korean students sang a traditional Korean song sung during the New Year. They also taught the audience Korean greetings during the New Year.

Lunar New Year - Korean Students

The Vietnamese group sang and gave a brief presentation on the origin of banh chung, a traditional sticky rice dish served during the Lunar New Year.

Lunar New Year - Vietnamese Students

All the groups shared to the other students the food from their countries eaten during this auspicious time of the year.

After which, the students had to find the five missing treasures of the emperor after answering three language questions.

Lunar New Year - Language Games

Lunar New Year - Language Games2

There was a dragon dance performed by the Chinese students, which capped the fun activities of the afternoon.


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