Language Festival 2017

alcadmin - 29th Aug 2017

ALC students had fun participating in the two week-long language festival from August 14-24 where they learned the English language while having fun at the same time.  This year’s theme is “To a New World.” This is the first year of the Language Festival.

The students were divided into three groups representing fictional worlds–Narnia, Hogwarts, and Olympus. Each session lasted for at least one hour, which was done after the classes in the afternoon. On the first day, the students actively competed with each other for the Spelling and Quiz Bee.

Spelling Bee

On Day 2 of the Language Festival, everyone went to UP Diliman to accomplish three tasks–write a slogan, make a symbol, and compose a two-stanza poem about art. Despite being tired from all the running around and sometimes heated exchanges with some group mates, this was what Br. Manuel from Angola had to say: “I’m very happy to have used English to ask for directions around campus and to see UP Diliman. It’s a very big university, and it was nice to see students walking around. I was exhausted after the activity.”

Amazing Race

On Day 3, the groups delivered a choral recitation using the lyrics of the song Colors of the Wind.


On Day 4, the students with their group mates competed with the other teams to win all the games in the variety show. There was Jeopardy that tested their knowledge of phrasal verbs, 4 Pictures-1 Word where they had to guess the correct word based on what is common among the four pictures, and Family Feud where they were asked about their knowledge of random things commonly associated with living in an English-speaking countries.


Finally on Day 5, the students were asked to prepare a 5-minute improv play using the eight words that they had randomly picked.


After the five-day long Language Festival, below are the results:

Narnia 3rd Place – Narnia

Hogwarts 2nd Place – Hogwarts

Olympus Champion – Olympus



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