Meeting the Dumagat Indigenous People of Antipolo

alcadmin - 7th Mar 2018

For the 1st Cycle 2018, students and teachers of ALC did not anymore travel far. From the College in Loyola Heights, they took three jeepneys for an hour-and-a-half drive to Mt. Purro Nature Reserve in Antipolo City in Rizal Province.

Purro 1

Upon arrival in the nature reserve, the students were given a quick orientation by the staff of Mt. Purro. They then attended Mass celebrated by Father Paul Hsing, a student from Taiwan. Teacher Jay then led a 10-minute stretching and warm-up exercises before the trek commenced.


They started a long trek to the highest point of the reserve. The whole trike lasted for two hours–an hour going up and another hour down.

Purro 2

After the exhausting but fun hike, the group of students was treated to a filling lunch of locally produced vegetables and freshly grilled fish.

Purro 3

In the afternoon, when everyone had already had a good one hour nap, the students gathered around to hear about the culture and customs of the Dumagat people living in the area. The students learned about making fire, cooking rice in bamboo tubes, and whipping a local pork dish using ingredients found in the forest.

Purro 4

The day ended with everyone feeling happy and so much more informed about the lives of the Dumagat people.

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