Modern Approaches to Reading

alcadmin - 20th Mar 2016



By Sr. Mary, Vietnam

(Originally published on ALC-Crossings Vol. 6 Issue 1)

Do you have a reading hobby? Today, reading became more convenient than before because of technological development. You can choose for yourself either a book on paper or the internet. Both of them can help you to enjoy your reading hobby. You can read it every where when you are on a bus, on a train, in a park, or in a coffee shop. Also you can read it when you are waiting for someone or something. So you don’t have to waste time. Reading a printed or an ebook, both bring advantages that most of us know. Reading helps you expand your vocabulary especially for those who are learning a new language.

When you are under stress, reading an interesting book can decrease your stress. The same points above of reading a printed and an ebook. So what are the different points between them? In traditional reading, the medium is a printed book. You can buy it in a bookstore or borrow from someone. If you read an ebook, you need to have an advanced technology product, like an ipad, an iphone or a laptop. And to buy one of them is more expensive than a printed book. However, a technology product can save several ebooks. Therefore, saving your ebooks become more convenient than keeping and protecting printed books. Most ebooks are cheaper than printed books. That is why, in my opinion, I think maybe the cost of buying printed books is more expensive than the ebooks’cost. Finally, I think using a technology product to read is usually not good for our eyes, especially for one who has eye sickness. What do you think?


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