Teaching English: A career in the future

alcadmin - 20th Mar 2016

By Bro. Pet. Thanh, Vietnam

(Originally published on ALC-Crossings Vol. 6 Issue 1)


teach English

Most Vietnamese students go to other countries for further studies and/or work after graduation, but not all of them have enough money for this goal.   Before they study in another country, they have to study English first for English is not popular in Vietnam. It takes a lot of money.   For this reason, most of them decide to learn English in the country first and then after that, they can study in an international college. Thus, English teachers will be common and important after 10 years in Vietnam.

This career needs one to have perfect command in using English as applied in different tasks requiring the use of this language today.   It is not enough that one just knows how to communicate in English; one also has to have wide knowledge so that can he/ she help the students expand their knowledge, too.   One has to teach hard because the students are not good and familiar with English. Because Vietnam lacks English teachers; the country then needs to get more teachers from other countries as fast as possible. It is a secure job and one will get a high salary also. The disadvantages though of this career is one will be sent to different places in the country where there is a lack of teachers, especially in the countryside.

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