World Englishes: Unity Through Diversity

alcadmin - 6th Sep 2018

ALC celebrated this year’s Language Festival with the theme World Englishes: Unity Through Diversity. The festival was divided into three parts–an afternoon variety show, a mural painting contest, and a language race held at UP Diliman. The different activities took place from August 22 to 27.

During the afternoon variety show program, students were given fun tasks to accomplish that tested their language skills. Despite coming from different proficiency levels, all the student gamely participated in language-focused games.

Students from different proficiency levels–Via (beginner), Veritas (intermediate), Vita (advanced), and Bridge–interpreted the theme of this year’s language festival. The Bridge group took home the prize of the Best Mural Painting.

Finally, the students and their teachers raced on the UP Diliman campus completing four different stations that not only tested their language skills but also their teamwork.

“These activities are a welcome respite from our regular class activities. I am very happy and thankful that our teachers have thought of this language festival. I’m sad, though, that the next one is happening a year after,” said Thanh Chat, an engineering graduate from Vietnam who is now taking IELTS review classes at ALC.

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